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Welcome to the Amassment Dreamwidth, a fansite community! If you're new to Amassment, click here to learn more about the community, and read up on our rules of conduct. Almost anything you need to know can be found there or at our directory, but if you have any questions, you may contact any of Amassment's moderators. The Dreamwidths of the moderators that have them are listed below. Any of us will be happy to help you out.

Masao - [personal profile] kaworu
Todd - [personal profile] figaro
Daphne - [personal profile] silk
Varen - [personal profile] sorel
Destinie - [personal profile] cirrostratus
Ava - [personal profile] fuu

We're still working on setting this Dreamwidth up, so this profile page will be more user-friendly and informative later. For now, here is a small FAQ. If you have any other questions, poke one of the mods, and we will add them here.

Do I have to be a member of the Amassment Livejournal community to join this one?
No! We realize many of our members are leaving Livejournal and moving to Dreamwidth. That's why we've decided to set an Amassment Dreamwidth up. You can just be a member here if you like.

Will there be differences in the Amassment Livejournal and Dreamwidth?
As Amassment is very member-ran, there will be some posts that are posted here by members that are not posted at Livejournal, and vice versa. As far as administration is concerned, though, we mods will post all community announcements to both sites. Future events will also be ran on both communities.

Can I plug a shrine or post a discussion to the Livejournal and Dreamwidth?
You may post the same post to both communities. You don't have to though.

Can I post an intro at Dreamwidth if I'm an old member?
Yes! We're all new here, so feel free to reintroduce yourself so people connect your username to you. :)

What will happen with SOTM?
We haven't discussed SOTM yet. Ava will alert the community to any changes in this area.

Thanks for your patience while we iron out kinks! Things will be running smoothly here very soon!
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